Goal Setting and Achieving for the Female Mind  

A Webinar for Women in Network Marketing  

In this FREE webinar, Business Mindset Coach, Deb Erickson will give you 3 key strategies that will help you set and CRUSH your 2019 business goals. 

End the perpetual goal-setting and goal-failing merry go round and become 100% certain that you’ll achieve your goals.  

  In this hour-long webinar you will LEARN: 

  • How to set the perfect sales goals, that are achievable, yet stretch you to become more and achieve more  
  • How to eliminate the self-doubt and self-sabotage patterns that have limited your goal achieving success in the past  
  • How to identify and embrace a meaningful and compelling WHY that gives you purpose and makes you a fearless recruiter  
  • How to create a 2019 goals and strategic plan that allows you to rank advance, increase your income with ease, become a stronger leader, and keep the work life balance you need as a mom, wife, friend, and even grandmother  

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If you’re like most women in network marketing and direct sales, you know that your best life is just a few goals away, however… you might be sitting here thinking, “Why is this so easy for others and not for me? Am I doing something wrong?” The answer is yes. Yes you are, but it’s not what you think, or even what you have been told.  

In order to achieve greatness and take your business to the next level, you’re going to need to set those really big goals, the ones that scare you - and my guess is you’re avoiding doing exactly that. I get it. It’s risky and bold and it creates anxiety and fear of failure. But guess what? By not setting goals, you’re ALSO setting yourself up for failure. Seems like it’s lose-lose, huh? Let me show you how to make it a win-win.  

I can help you get out of this vicious cycle. 2019 is going to be YOUR YEAR if you learn my 3 key strategies for you setting big goals that match how your brain is wired as a woman. I have perfected the art of goal setting for the female brain. Are you ready to master it?  

"Deb's programs are truly life-changing. In fact, I have brought her on as my team's official "business coach." Deb is able to get to the heart of what is stopping people and then helps them have a breakthrough. I can't recommend her highly enough! Don't miss this opportunity to get exposed to her transformational work."  

Hayley Hobson 

“Deb, you are liberating the women of the world week after week! You have this intuitive sense that empowers you to empower us. Your topics are always on point. Just what I need. Thank you for ALL you do! Grateful to have you as my coach.” 

Julie Ramirez  

“Deb Erickson is incredible! I put 100 of my top leaders into a Gold Coaching Membership and after only 5 weeks of working with Deb, we are experiencing measurable results! Thanks to Deb's extraordinary coaching and powerful ICAN Neuro Tools, my leaders are finally getting the movement in their business that they've been hoping for! I am SO grateful for her incredible capacity to do so much good for so many.”  


Li Fryling  

“Deb has been a HUGE game changer for my business. I had previously been stuck at the same rank in my company for 5 years. I had some major blocks that I didn't realize were there until I went through Deb’s classes. I finally broke through and hit the TOP rank in my company! Thank you, Deb! Your energy is contagious, your program is brilliant, and you are impacting countless lives!”  

Natalie Rigby  

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About Deb  

Deb Erickson is a business mindset coach helping women in the sales and network marketing industry catapult their mindsets and businesses to new heights. Unlike any other business coaching available, Deb’s revolutionary approach is designed to look at business success from the inside out. Using inner brain training techniques combined with outer skill-based business training, she helps women maximize their natural gifts and talents, elevate their inner strength, and power up their confidence resulting in unprecedented growth. Her clients commonly refer to Deb’s live classes, Monthly Coaching Membership, and ICAN Neuro Tools as “a complete game changer” for the fast and lasting results they create in their businesses and in themselves.  


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